General Disclaimer

Dr. Oexman is a nationally renowned expert on sleep and sleep disorders. The coaching services provided by Dr. Oexman, however, are in no way intended to be a substitute for professional medical or mental health advice, treatment, or diagnosis. It is imperative to always seek the advice of your own physician with any questions you may have. The coaching provided by Dr. Oexman is provided as a complement to any other care you are receiving. Always seek the advice of your physician before beginning Dr. Oexman’s program. If you are concerned about your sleep patterns, if you are struggling to stay awake during the day or unintentionally fall asleep during the day, you are pregnant, having any underlying health condition, or are on medication, always consult your physician or other qualified health professional.

Dr. Oexman does not make any warranties either expressed or implied with regard to the coaching services he provides. In no event will Dr. Oexman be liable for any damages including but not limited to, incidental and consequential damages, any personal injury, or wrongful death resulting from the coaching services provided.